The coolest dispenser on the market
Swing is the new Necta dispenser which brings enhanced performances and quality to the core segment of the Impulse market.

It responds to the need for a reliable, high-capacity model, compact yet flexible; which can be comprehensively customized in terms of the product offer.

Swings benefits of an optimized and fexlible internal configuration which allows the management of a many different packaging sizes and products.

Combined to this, Swing has reached a market-leading energy efficiency, C class, according to the new European Ecolabelling.

The greatest flexibilty at your service

Possibility to install Visio-Shop tray which replace the Inox Sandwich tray

With a minimum of 2 Visio-shop trays, it is possible to create a bulky area in order to dispense huge variety of food products

The best in class energy efficiency

The energy consumption is reduced thanks to the extremely efficient foaming insulation of the cabinet, which avoids any thermal bridge from the cell to the outside, and the new cooling unit with R290 technology with low environmental impact and high energy saving.

Layout and temperature

Swing in available in many different layouts, in order to satify the needs of different locations.

100% food layout available (temperature 0-3°)

Layout with stratified temperature: 2 lower trays C&B (5-7C°), 2 central trays Food (0-3C°), 3 top trays Snack (8-12C°)

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