Festival Classic: essential freshness
Festival Classic completes the renewal of Necta’s drum range offering an excellent price/performance ratio and uncluttered design. It is the smart solution for locations needing to offer catering services 24/7.

The extreme flexibility of configuration allows the user to choose among snacks, drinks, fresh dishes, fruit and yoghurt.

24/7 complete catering service

Festival Classic delivers a complete offer of products (from non alimentary goods to fresh food) and has the possibility to set up the layout of each drum according to the location’s need.

Inside the cell the space is optimized at any drum level in order to display the best product offer.

Design and user interface

Festival Classic has a new aesthetics with LED lighting of the front panel and of the internal part of the cell.

The black front panel at the bottom of the machine is easy to customize with stickers.

New user interface design is aligned with the latest Necta models.

Electronics and energy consumption

This model allows an immediate and intuitive creation of machine setup with GIGA New software.

The main menu is easy to surf .

Thanks to the highly insulated cabinet and the enhanced energy saving mode Festival Classic grants a lower energy consumption

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