The UK’s first cleaning service with a chemical-free cleaning product which it says is “proven” to kill Covid-19 on surfaces for six months.

Citrox Protect is a non-toxic cleaning product made from two natural materials – silicon dioxide and Citrox, an antiviral substance extracted from citrus fruits. The product has been scientifically proven to kill Covid-19 following independent testing.

Citrox Biosciences say that the product works in two parts. The silicon dioxide forms a natural barrier which coats surfaces to prevent viruses or bacteria from being able to bind to them. Meanwhile, any viruses or bacteria that do land on the surface are killed by the Citrox (the antiviral substance).

The effects of Citrox Protect last for six months, the longest ongoing protection on the market, Citrox Protect claims. The product is applied by technician as part of a specialist sanitisation clean, with the product dry to the touch within minutes and fully sealed in 24 hours.

As both silicon dioxide and Citrox are natural compounds, Citrox Protect is non-toxic and safe to be used on food preparation surfaces, as well as being Microsoft approved for use on technology.